Renesas Engineer-to-Engineer Workshop (Milwaukee)

Harley-Davidson Museum

Join experts from Renesas as they demonstrate step-by-step how easily you can secure your project’s connectivity using the Renesas Synergy™ platform. During this one-day seminar, you’ll learn about IoT technologies for communicating with cloud service providers and how to utilize Synergy Software Package (SSP) stacks with Ethernet and Wi-Fi to seamlessly switch from one networking technology to the other. We will also show you how to add security to your project using the SSP NetX® TLS stack and teach you how to generate and use certificates. Join us and learn how to simplify IoT development:

  • Generate and use certificates with the SSP NetX TLS stack
  • Design a project with the SSP NetX MQTT stack
  • Subscribe/publish messages to communicate
  • Complete an end-to-end IoT connectivity design

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