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Lattice Semiconductor

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Lattice is the source for innovative FPGA, PLD, programmable Power Management and Clock Management solutions. We design and develop programmable logic products, which allow the end customer to determine functionality. We continue to expand our Asia presence to reduce costs and better align with our customers.

Our customers are primarily original equipment manufacturers in the communications, computing, consumer, industrial, automotive, medical and military end markets.

Lattice actively participates in both the FPGA and PLD segments. Lattice Semiconductor’s FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) solutions deliver unique features, high performance, and excellent value for FPGA designs. Lattice is the leading supplier of low density CMOS PLDs in the world, and their CPLD and SPLD solutions deliver an optimal fit for a variety of PLD design challenges.


  • FPGA
    • LatticeECP3
    • LatticeECP2/M
    • LatticeECP & EC
    • LatticeSC/M
    • LatticeXP2
    • LatticeXP
    • MachXO
    • ispXPGA
    • FPSC
  • Power Management
    • ProcessorPM
    • Power Manager II
  • AEC-Q100 Automotive Devices
    • LA-LatticeXP2
    • LA-MachXO
    • LA-ispMach 4000V/Z
    • LA-ispPAC – POWR1014/A
  • Intellectual Property & Reference Designs
    • MachXO
    • ispMach 4000ZE/Z
    • ispMach 4000V/B/C
    • ispGAL
    • GAL
  • Clock Management
    • ispClock
  • Design Software
    • Lattice Diamond
    • ispLever
    • ispVM System
    • PAC-Designer
    • LatticeMico32 Development Tools

Authorized Distributors

Illinois Wisconsin
Arrow Electronics 630-250-0500 262-879-0434
Digi-Key 800-344-4539 800-344-4539
Future 847-273-0067 262-879-0244
Mouser 800-346-6873 800-346-6873
Symmetry Electronics 866-506-8829 866-506-8829